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Touch technology

Touch technology is useable in a broad selection of applications. Touch screen monitors have become a focal point for...

Touch screen monitors

There are three basic types of touch screen monitors that are used to...

Ultra Bright sunlight readable monitor

 Digital screens are becoming the people's day, has been realized, especially in the areas of advertising and industrial displays

Are touch screens accessible?

  Touch screens today are frequently used in our daily life, for example in ATMs, ticket terminals, infokiosks and customer self-service stations

SAW Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

 With industrial grade 300 nit LCD panel mated to a...

We want to submit you not the complete list of the cities in which our equipment is used! We are proud of it!

 We want to submit you not the complete list...

The limitless potential for Multi-touch applications
When someone tells you their product is "multitouch," you really need to...
Tips for cleaning touchscreens

Touch screen monitors are both input and output device...

Kiosk Keyboards and Touchscreen Monitors at the Ready

 Kiosk Keyboards and Touchscreen Monitors at the Ready!

Touch Screen Monitors


Durable and dependable, KeeTouch touch...
Desktop Monitors

KeeTouch's professional flat panel...

Durable and dependable KeeTouch touch screen displays

Durable and dependable, KeeTouch touch screen displays...

Touch Screen Benefits

There are many benefits in selecting a display....

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Multi Touch Screen – New Items in Our Store

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Sale - a place where you can find all the touchscreen that you are looking for. Touchscreen its device wich sensitive to touch. In our internet shop you can buy a touch screen lcd, multitouch display, saw touch screen, resistive touch screen, netbook touch screen, infrared touch panel. Each technology has its advantage, select your one. Our products have the highest quality and best price. We have a global delivery.

New Items in Our Shop:
Touch screen monitor pos 15" s-series
Touch screen monitor pos 15" s-series
Resistive touch screen panel W4R 22" WIDE
Resistive touch screen panel W4R 22" WIDE
19" LCD Open frame SAW Touch Monitor (the Dust-proof and Wide-screen Type)
19" LCD Open frame SAW Touch Monitor (the Dust-proof and Wide-screen Type)
Industrial  OPEN FRAME saw touch screen lcd 17" (The Elo Touch Type)
Industrial OPEN FRAME saw touch screen lcd 17" (The Elo Touch Type)
32" KAL-0320-4B touch screen SAW panel
32" KAL-0320-4B touch screen SAW panel
21.5" LED Open frame SAW Touch Monitor (the Dust-proof Type)
21.5" LED Open frame SAW Touch Monitor (the Dust-proof Type)
22" LCD Open frame IR Touch Monitor (The Water-proof Type)
22" LCD Open frame IR Touch Monitor (The Water-proof Type)
Industrial  OPEN FRAME touchmonitor 17" (the Water-proof Type)
Industrial OPEN FRAME touchmonitor 17" (the Water-proof Type)

Touch screens in mobile phones, mp3-players, laptops, GPS-navigator - now it is reality. Five years ago the phrase "touch screen" surprising: we did not know that it will become commonplace. But is this really useful innovation?

Many experts, including technical managers of Keetouch "believe that sensor technology will change our lives in the next 10-15 years. We construct a variety of predictions: from the fantastic to the very real. However, all agree on one thing: touch screens will become truly blockbuster product. The advantages of touch screen are obvious: ease of device management and accessibility, coupled with low price and high quality will do their work. Indeed, a few years, every third inhabitant metropolis will use sensor technology in their daily lives. Keetouch constantly monitoring the development of modern technology and are only betting on innovative and promising products.

Yes, touch screens - is good and technological progress, and soon everyone will be able to touch the dream, simply using the touch screen.

  • Touch screens have become an integral part of any modern equipment.
  • This technology captures more and more new topics.
  • Even so commonplace a thing as a mobile phone does not want to lag behind the progress.
  • New models are equipped with an intuitive interface based on touch screen.
  • It is very easy to operate and convenient to practice.
  • The touch screen can be seen daily in various locations.
  • No one shall make it a special significance, it became commonplace.
  • In industrial equipment touch control is considered one of the most convenient and promising it may be a remote control for any machine or production tench.
  • At school, the touch monitors has replaced the usual school board.
  • The bank no longer has to wait for their turn of good standing in half an hour at the cash register.
  • To sign up to the doctor is also available via the touch screen.
Touchscreen equipment manufacturers do not stand still, constantly improving the quality and inventing new technologies. Company Keetouch is constantly expanding its range on sale touch screens allowing our customers to choose from a huge variety of sizes as well as the types of screens.

We offer resistive, acoustic (saw), infrared and novelty of the world market Multi touch multitouch touch screens, all types of screens have their advantages for a particular application. More about this can be read articles in our web.


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We are Recommend:
Multitouch Infrared Touchscreen 6 touch points 52" S-Series
Multitouch Infrared Touchscreen 6 touch points 52" S-Series
Metal keyboard touch pad TG-PC-DT
Metal keyboard touch pad TG-PC-DT
Metal keyboard with track ball  TG-PC- F3
Metal keyboard with track ball TG-PC- F3
17" KAL-0170-6BS touch screen SAW panel
17" KAL-0170-6BS touch screen SAW panel
Infrared Touchscreen panel L Series 46"
Infrared Touchscreen panel L Series 46"
Metal keyboard TG-PC-E
Metal keyboard TG-PC-E
Industrial  OPEN FRAME touch screen monitor 19" (the Dust-proof Type)
Industrial OPEN FRAME touch screen monitor 19" (the Dust-proof Type)
Metal keyboard touch pad TG-PC-M
Metal keyboard touch pad TG-PC-M

The touch screen (touchscreen) - this monitor, which is sensitive to touch, allowing people to work with your computer using touches. Many of us are accustomed to engage in dialogue with a computer using conventional means - the keyboard or the mouse because of their simplicity and cheapness. However, outside the warm and cozy home and office premises, the use of such devices is rather difficult. We currently use the touch screen - the most modern way to solve the problem of man-machine interaction. In such devices, keyboard and mouse non-existent. As a result, we have a smaller size, visibility and ease of use of technology. Modern touch screens (touchscreen) made of very durable material, comfortable and reliable in use, insensitive to vibration and moisture.  Observe the behavior of the child, the first time sat down in front of a computer monitor. He will take up the keyboard or mouse, but would poke a finger in the monitor, trying to point out the favorite element of the image. This is natural, and therefore easy and correct. Only a touch screen (touchscreen) allows the user to implement such a natural desire, when the person operates the machine, pointing out that element of the program menu, which suits him.

What does the touch screen (touchscreen)?

Normal touch screen (touch screen) consists of three components: sensor, controller and driver support.
Sensor - a transparent glass panel, which reacts to the touch, which is placed over the monitor. The board, connecting a touch screen PC called the controller. The function controller is to process the information received from the touch screen information and make it understandable to the PC. And the driver - the software for the PC, allowing him to work with the touchscreen. It is because of driver support for PC operating system understands how to respond to information about touch, received from the controller.
Let's look at some of the advantages of using touch screens (touchscreen).

Quick access. As you know, time - money. Just use the touch screen (touchscreen) gives you quick access to information of various kinds. It is quick and efficient work with computers in the service sector is a key factor in quality work with clients. Install and use touch screens (touch screen) allows qualitatively improve service in movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, airports and other establishments.

Clearly, even a child. Visibility and ease of use touch monitor turns any novice to the experienced user with the first touch. Very many people find it difficult to work with the keyboard, and when the person needs to just "poke" a finger in the screen it gives confidence and has to work with the system.

Reduce costs. Using the touch screen (touchscreen) increases the speed and accuracy of the active employees working at the computer, and also reduces the time required for his training, which significantly increases the efficiency of the staff.

Maximum capacity with minimum space occupied. We all want efficient use of your workspace, since it is usually limited, and every inch of it is of value, including the material. The touch screen display allows you to save a maximum of working space, since all operations are carried out directly through the screen.

The touchscreen is one of the easiest to use computer devices, which significantly expands its application in various fields. Here are some examples of the use of sensor technologies today.

Self-service systems. Admit that you are with great pleasure that would spend their time on more enjoyable activity than waiting in line. Again, this will help you self-service terminals with touch screens (touchscreen), which are used to accelerate and improve service in big stores, restaurants, fast food, transport nodes.

Retail and restaurant systems. Touch monitor can be used for reservation of seats and tables, a cash register systems, stations orders. Touch screens are easy to use, staff will do their job faster, and the time to train new staff will be saved. Due to the fact that all the action happens on the screen, be able to avoid hassles and save space. Management systems. Sensor technology can be useful in different systems, as well as through the introduction of input devices to monitor, you can save considerable work place, and use graphical interface allows the user to view and manage complex operations simply by touching the touch display.

Computer training. Using touch panel makes the learning process more fun, easy and interesting, and easy touchscreen interface allows you to reduce the total time of training for beginners, and hence expenditure on training. Agree, the simpler the interface, the less the complexity arises from the user, especially if it is - a hands. The touch lcd display will make your information more accessible, enabling customers to easily navigate it with a simple touch.

Last Comments:
22" KAL-0220-4B touch screen SAW panel
Grigoriy: Where I can download android driver for this panel? Unfortunately Keetouch does not support driver for android, but there is open-source one to make It work. Contact us via email and we will send you a driver and instructions.
Multitouch Infrared Touchscreen 10 touch points 55" S-Series
kboy: this is crazy the price of this touch panel is about price of touch enabled led screen Considering the price of analogues, this price is average price range. We can discuss It if you contact us via email so we can make It nicer for you.
15" KAL-0151-4B touch screen SAW panel
Provic: Hello! Is it possible to build an android-driver? Would you work in this direction in future? In Russia we have an android everythere but not in kiosks...reason - ts driver absence. I know - your's ts's is most popular in our country. Hello, we have the android driver for SAW, resistive and infrared touchscreens.
22" KAL-0220-4B touch screen SAW panel
Shinichi: how can i install the driver for linux 11? do you have a video tutorial on this. Thank you. For newest X11 versions you do not need to install the driver. Please use xinput-calibrator package to calibrate. The device will work after you plug it in.
Industrial OPEN FRAME multi touch saw screen lcd monitor 17" (The Elo Touch Type)
RDT: I failed to install it on win8.1. is it require different driver? Hello! What king of troubles occur? © 2007-2018