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Touch technology

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Acoustic Wave Multitouch Panel & Touch Screen PC

All sizes7"8.4"9.4"10.4"12.1"15"17"

23.1" MTKAL-0231-4B multi-touch screen SAW panel
Download a drawing with accurate dimensions in PDF format

23.1" MTKAL-0231-4B multi-touch screen SAW panel

Price: $148.00
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This technology can effect all the multi-touch gesture action as Microsoft defined.
The application of multi-touch in XP should cooperate with the application software at the customer end to match those definition.

1. click and double click.
2. Drag one or two finger up and down.
3. Drag one finger.
4. Press on target and tap using a second finger.
5. Move two fingers apart/toward each other.
6. Move two fingers in opposing directions or using one finger to plvot around another.
7. Tap two fingers at the same time where the target is the midpoint


Windows 7     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (64-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 8.1     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (64-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 7     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (32-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 8.1     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (32-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 7     Windows UPDD x86_x64 (22987 Kb)
Windows 8.1     Windows UPDD x86_x64 (22987 Kb)

Users' Reviews:

10-04-2011 14:43
Rating: 5
Hi, I would like to know how to mount this panel over my screen thanks
11-04-2011 03:51
Thank you for your question! Write to our managers, they will help you with the installation of the panel. Thank you
Manuel Parra
21-10-2011 12:51
Rating: 5
drivers for linux?
09-02-2012 06:00
There are no linux drivers for Multi-touch screens. Just Win 7 is correct, Manuel.
09-08-2016 07:35
Rating: 3
It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thknas!
10-08-2016 14:52
Rating: 2
Your thniking matches mine - great minds think alike! [url=]ajvoshq[/url] [link=]prsiwixhud[/link]
12-08-2016 02:06
Rating: 4
Why do I bother canlilg up people when I can just read this! [url=]qbcygcs[/url] [link=]ddrafeikg[/link]

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