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Touch technology

Touch technology is useable in a broad selection of applications. Touch screen monitors have become a focal point for...

Touch screen monitors

There are three basic types of touch screen monitors that are used to...

Ultra Bright sunlight readable monitor

 Digital screens are becoming the people's day, has been realized, especially in the areas of advertising and industrial displays

Are touch screens accessible?

  Touch screens today are frequently used in our daily life, for example in ATMs, ticket terminals, infokiosks and customer self-service stations

SAW Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

 With industrial grade 300 nit LCD panel mated to a...


Industrial Metal Touchpad

Touchpad - a special compact manipulator, an alternative to conventional mouse. As can be seen from the photograph, the touchpad (touch pad) clad in durable vandal metal case that protects it not only from hacking attempts, but also from moisture, dust, extreme temperatures, allows to build arm into virtually any surface.

Touchpad has a few names that you can meet: touchpad, touch pad. All they mean one thing - high-tech modern compact manipulator with unique capabilities. What are these options?

The word «touch» in the name of the robot determines that it includes some sensory device that allows to identify, process and convert the contact into a digital signal computer can understand. This device on the touchpad (touch pad) is a small non-transparent touch film on which the user needs to drive the finger, thereby controlling the behavior of the cursor on the screen. Next to the touchpad are two function keys corresponding to the left and right mouse buttons. Management is simple and natural way - if you draw your desired trajectory of movement of the cursor. This is not only easy but also exciting.

Set external touchpad (touch pad) is very simple - it connects to a standard PS / 2 port ore usb, as well as normal mouse, and no problem is defined by the computer as plug-and-play device. If you need to build in a protected touchpad (touch pad) in an information or a payment kiosk, you will not have to exert extra effort - in the crane had made special holes for mounting to the terminal.

Scope of the touchpad (touch pad) incredibly broad:

  • Alternative to conventional mouse in homes and offices to save space;
  • Use with mobile computers (laptops);
  • Set in the trade and information kiosks;
  • Installation of production plants and computer systems;
  • And many other options...

A remarkable feature of the touchpad (touch pad) is a great life - once by buying a quality product, you can be sure that it will work long and uninterrupted.

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Pointing Device Touch Pad TG-TB-A
Pointing Device Touch Pad TG-TB-A (TG-TB-A)
Features:HIgh resolution mount touchpadCompatible with WINDOWS98/ME/2000/XPResistant to dirt, dust and liquidVery rugged vandal proof designCan be cleaned with soapy water, disinfectant or other cleaning agentsPS/2 or USB interface availabl...
Price: $55.00
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