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Touch technology

Touch technology is useable in a broad selection of applications. Touch screen monitors have become a focal point for...

Touch screen monitors

There are three basic types of touch screen monitors that are used to...

Ultra Bright sunlight readable monitor

 Digital screens are becoming the people's day, has been realized, especially in the areas of advertising and industrial displays

Are touch screens accessible?

  Touch screens today are frequently used in our daily life, for example in ATMs, ticket terminals, infokiosks and customer self-service stations

SAW Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

 With industrial grade 300 nit LCD panel mated to a...


Industrial Metal Trackball

The word trackball translated from English as "ball pointer", which immediately determines its appearance, and its purpose. Indicated by the ball - that's the meaning of life trackball. Produced on high quality equipment, he clearly knows what will come in handy many people, an asset to them in good stead throughout his virtually unlimited service life.

Trackball (track ball) - unique in fact a technical innovation, opening a new era of compactness and unsurpassed protection of computer manipulators. Yes, trackball - this is a computer manipulator, in fact - a descendant of normal mouse. But they have a lot of advantages over the usual "tailed". They are almost impossible to enumerate all, to mention just some of the most important:

  • Waterproof;
  • Dust;
  • Protection from hacking attempts;
  • Unlimited lifespan;
  • Ultra-compact design;
  • Compliance with all international standards, and Russia;
  • Secure mounting, is a clear fit for a particular shop.

Of course, talk about, where is currently in use trackballs. Perhaps the most widely available at this time received a trackball in laptops - and it is no accident. Compact, together with preservation of all the qualities and functions of normal mouse, allowed him to become a real "magic wand" for the people, saving every inch of work space - for the trackball has an area commensurate with the surface area of normal mouse, but at the same time, not requires no more space for their movement. The principle of the trackball is that the ball that you manage to move the cursor, clearly stated his position, the button corresponding to the left and right mouse buttons are located in close proximity to the ball - all this leads to the trackball, the most compact alternative manipulator today.

All produced trackballs are divided into 2 types (type of production): optical trackballs and photovoltaic trackballs.

The trackball can be used for installation:

  • Trade, information, entertainment kiosks;
  • Industrial computing systems;
  • Control system;
  • Conveyor belts, sorting plant;
  • Any computer.

As practice shows, setting the trackball makes use of a computer system and increases, in particular, the popularity of the trade stand at 45%. Purchase and installation of the trackball - one more step to the user, to provide him the ultimate in convenience and choice.

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Pointing Device Track ball trackball TG-TB-38G
Pointing Device Track ball trackball TG-TB-38G (TG-TB-38G)
Features:Patent product, high resolution stainless steel optical trackballCompatible with WINDOWS98/ME/2000/XPResistant to dirt, dust and liquidVery rugged vandal proof designCan be cleaned with soapy water, disinfectant or other cleaning a...
Price: $55.00
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