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Touch technology

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Infrared Touch Panel

All sizes6.4"8.4"10.4"12"15"17"19"

Infrared Touchscreen panel L Series 100"
Download a drawing with accurate dimensions in PDF format

Infrared Touchscreen panel L Series 100"

Price: $6400.00
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Typical Applications:
Gaming machine
Indoor & outdoor Kiosk
Industrial control
Gas pump
In-vehicle and transportation
Medical equipment

Main Feature:
Maintenance-free, long-free
Good stability
High transparency
Dust-proof, water-proof
Inner controller
For both indoor and outdoor environments

Main Technical Specifications
Resolution 4096x4096
Transparence >95%
Color Distortion Almost not
Clearance good

Response Time 16ms
Drag fluency

Touch parameter
Touch Time In Theory No Time limit
Durability In Theory >5 years
Correct Automatically support
Compensate Automatically support
Check Automatically support
Electric parameter
Operating Voltage 4.5-5.5V
Operating Current 160-200mA

Storage temperature -40~70C
Operating temperature -20~65C
Durability Scratch-free
Anti-rough work good
Anti light-Jamming strong
Anti Electromagnetism Field Jamming strong
Transparence Material Common glass or tempered glass
Dust-proof Good
Water-proof Good
Touch object >5mm any object
Maintainability Good
Expected life 2 years
Calibration 1 time


Mac OS     IR_Mac_USB_V10.0 (120 Kb)
Windows 7     IR_Windows 7 32bit_COM_V12.0.0.99 (3744 Kb)
Windows 7     IR_Windows 7 32bit_USB_V13.0.0.3 (8826 Kb)
Windows 7     IR_Windows 7 64bit_USB_V13.0.0.3 (9433 Kb)
Windows 2000     IR_Windows 2000_COM_V12.0.0.98 (1299 Kb)
Windows 2003     IR_Windows 2003 32bit_COM_V12.0.0.98 (1299 Kb)
Windows 2003     IR_Windows 2003 64bit_COM_V12.0.0.97 (1558 Kb)
Win CE 5.0     IR_Windows CE5.0_USB&COM_for Arm (15 Kb)
Win CE 5.0     IR_Windows CE5.0_USB&COM_for X86 (13 Kb)
Windows CE 6.0 For X86     IR_Windows CE 6.0_USB&COM_V10.0 For X86 (16 Kb)
Windows Vista (32Bit)     IR_Windows Vista 32bit_COM_V12.0.0.97 (553 Kb)
Windows XP     IR_Windows XP 32bit_COM_12.0.0.98 (1299 Kb)
Windows XP     IR_Windows XP 32bit_USB_V13.0.0.3 (8826 Kb)
Windows XP     IR_Windows XP 64bit_COM_V12.0.0.97 (1558 Kb)
Windows XP     IR_Windows XP 64bit_USB_V13.0.0.3 (9433 Kb)
Windows 7     Windows UPDD x86_x64 (22987 Kb)
Windows 8.1     Windows UPDD x86_x64 (22987 Kb)

Users' Reviews:

15-06-2010 09:41
Rating: 5
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17-06-2010 10:43
Thank you for choosing our company! It was a pleasure to do business with you!
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