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Touch technology

Touch technology is useable in a broad selection of applications. Touch screen monitors have become a focal point for...

Touch screen monitors

There are three basic types of touch screen monitors that are used to...

Ultra Bright sunlight readable monitor

 Digital screens are becoming the people's day, has been realized, especially in the areas of advertising and industrial displays

Are touch screens accessible?

  Touch screens today are frequently used in our daily life, for example in ATMs, ticket terminals, infokiosks and customer self-service stations

SAW Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

 With industrial grade 300 nit LCD panel mated to a...


Multi touch Open frame monitor

All sizes12"15"17"19"22"32"

Industrial  OPEN FRAME multi touch saw screen lcd monitor 32" (the Dust-proof Type)

Industrial OPEN FRAME multi touch saw screen lcd monitor 32" (the Dust-proof Type)

Price: $1537.00
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Main Features

Long lasting product cycle-enclosure controlled by Keetouch specifications
Future generation panels phased-in without external changes
High quality panel with high brightness,high contrast ratio and broad viewing angle
Multiple mounting options including rear-mount ,VESA mount, horizontal or vertical bracket-mount
Keetouchs SAW technology on pure glass for the ultimate in image quality
Dual USB and RS232 touch interface
Worldwide agency approvals

Main Specifications

Series OT, Dust-proof
Structure Metal-cased Openframe and Black metal Dust-proof Front Bezel
LCD Type Active matrix TFT-LCD
Environment Operating Temp. 0~50`C
Storage Temp. -20~60`C
Operating RH: 20%~80%
Storage RH: 10%~90%
MTBF 50,000 Hours
LCD Back light Life(Typ.) 50,000 Hours
Mount Interface 1)VESA 75mm and 100mm
2)Mount bracket, horizontal or vertical
(Standard mount brackets are supplied)
Touch screen Type Keetouch SAW touch screen sensor
Touch System Interface USB and RS232
Touchscreen Durability Scratch-free; More than 50,000,000 touches in one location without failure
Touchscreen Surface hardness Mohs' hardness rating of 7
Touch medium finger, gloved fingerrubber soft pen etc.
Certificates ETL, FCC, CE, RoHS
This technology can effect all the multi-touch gesture action as Microsoft defined.
The application of multi-touch in XP should cooperate with the application software at the customer end to match those definition.

1. click and double click.
2. Drag one or two finger up and down.
3. Drag one finger.
4. Press on target and tap using a second finger.
5. Move two fingers apart/toward each other.
6. Move two fingers in opposing directions or using one finger to plvot around another.
7. Tap two fingers at the same time where the target is the midpoint

Compatible with Windows 7


Windows 7     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (64-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 8.1     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (64-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 7     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (32-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 8.1     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (32-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 7     Windows UPDD x86_x64 (22987 Kb)
Windows 8.1     Windows UPDD x86_x64 (22987 Kb)

Users' Reviews:

08-11-2010 10:47
Rating: 4
WHat is the maximum supported resolution?
09-11-2010 08:43
Resolution of this monitor 4096 * 4096
26-06-2011 02:32
Rating: 5
What is the maximum of simultaneos touches that it can handle?
26-07-2011 04:02
This multi-touch touch screen works simultaneously on two touches.
12-01-2012 19:46
Rating: 5
Are there linux drivers available for this monitor? What are the dimensions and weight of this monitor?
08-02-2012 10:06
Hi, no linux drivers, sorry. Weight is 40 kg. Display Size - 32". Active Area - 697.3 mm×392.5mm.
13-05-2016 12:17
Rating: 2
Created the greatest arstilec, you have.
14-05-2016 10:20
Rating: 5
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