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Multitouch Infrared Touchscreen 2 touch points

All sizes17"19"21"24"26"30"32"

Multitouch screen infrared touch screen (multi touch) 32 "
Download a drawing with accurate dimensions in PDF format

Multitouch screen infrared touch screen (multi touch) 32 "

Price: $455.00
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Users' Reviews:

Jose Pablo
17-05-2011 19:15
Rating: 4
hi,does it work with normal FLASH .swf aplications? we need to instal an special software or driver for it?...and what about the calibration?....also we are located in Central America, do you have some shipping service for this zone??...Thanks
17-05-2011 20:33
We do ship worldwide! So for this do not worry! This product works on windose 7. calibration is done automatically. You do not need to exert no effort. Connect to the computer and everything works immediately. This ponel works well with Flash applications. For all technical questions please contact our technical department. Thank you
08-06-2012 14:14
Rating: 4
I bought this panel... there are a few issues... 1. how to reduce the sensitivity of the panel, it works at the distance of 1-1,5см from the glass... 2. in windows7 only 2 touches works, not more...
09-06-2012 03:22
1) You canít reduce the sensitivity of the IR panel. Read this: . Sensors detect crossing infrared beams with some objects (like fingers), glass performs only protective function. 2) This panel can detect maximum two touches simultaneously.
22-03-2016 09:30
Rating: 5
Hello, dear friends. i have 3 ir multitouch touchscreen and plan to buy more the 100+ ir panels with 2 touch points Our project based on raspberry pi 3 small computer ( Can you please compile drivers for linux ARM processors Ė raspberry pi3 We need multitouch for our project
15-04-2016 12:16
Hello! These touchscreens should work fine, no additional drivers required.

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