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Price: $193.00
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MOQ: 50pcs

High-quality stainless steel keypad with etched and colored graphics
Characters /symbols are laser lettering with strong paint
All text on the keypad is black, function keys can have colored graphics
Flat keys optional
Customized layouts
Braille keys optional
DES and 3DES encrypted
USB and RS232 interface
Lifespan:>1 million operations per key
Key trip:0.45mm
Easy integration
Memory, key and program can be kept for 5 years after power off.

Mechanical performance:
Key lifespan: >2 million operations per key
Key pressure: 300g
Key trip: 1.5mm
Weight: 0.8kg.

Electrical performance:
Power supply: PS/2 supply DC+5V
Power consumption:
working status: below 1W,
non-working status: below 200mW.

Front panel: 132mmá110mm
Overall: 160 mmá122mm

Keypad is watertight when mounted correctly
Keypad storeage temperature range is -25 to +45
Keypad working temperature range is -25 to +55

PCI standard
CE, FC, IP64, China Banking system certification.

Reliability :
MTBF >20000h, MTTR<30min.

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