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Saw Touch Screen

All sizes7"8.4"9.4"10.4"12.1"15"17"

22" KAL-0220-4B touch screen SAW panel
Download a drawing with accurate dimensions in PDF format

22" KAL-0220-4B touch screen SAW panel New

Price: $85.00
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SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) touch screen
Keetouchs SAW touchscreens, are the preferred solution for applications requiring unsurpassed performance, reliability, and clarity.Their durable, pure-glass construction delivers the ultimate in image clarity and light transmission, preserves color purity,and works even if scratched. The SAW touchscreens are the ideal solution for Point of self service, Information, Kiosk, Gaming/Casino Systems, Entertainment, Industrial, and office automation etc.

Size 22inch wide
Resolution 4096x4096 Z axis 256, irrelevant with the size of the touch panel
Material pure glass
Light Transmission 90% -92%
Accuracy <2mm (0.080 inch)
Durability Scratch-free; More than 50,000,000 touches in one location without failure.
Touch medium finger, gloved finger, rubber soft pen etc.
Surface hardness Mohs' hardness rating of 7
Operating temperature -20`C to +60`C
Storage temperature -40`C to +70`C
Humidity 10%-90% 40`C
Operating altitude 3800m
Anti-chemical properties The active area can resistant to all chemicals what do not affect glass.
such as: Acetone, Toluene, Methyl ethyl ketone, Isopropyl alcohol, Methyl alcohol,
Ethyl acetate, Ammonia-based glass cleaners, Gasoline, Kerosene, Vinegar.
Accessory double glue tape, dust-proof tape
Agency Approval UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, CB


Windows 2000 / XP     KeeTouch_Saw_WinXP / 2000 (980 Kb)
Windows Vista     KeeTouch_Saw_WinVista (745 Kb)
Windows 7     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (11919 Kb)
Linux     Keetouch_Saw_Linux Suse 10.3, Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu 7.10, Debian 4.0, Ubuntu 7.04 (60 Kb)
Linux Ubuntu 8.04     Keetouch_Saw_ubuntu804 (21 Kb)
Linux Ubuntu 9.04     Keetouch_Saw_ubuntu904 (16 Kb)
Linux Debian 5.0 32bit     Keetouch_Saw_Debian5.0_32 (21 Kb)
Linux Debian 5.0 64bit     Keetouch_Saw_Debian5.0_64 (18 Kb)
Linux Suse 11.1     Keetouch_Saw_Linux Suse 11.1 (60 Kb)
Linux Ubuntu10.04     Keetouch_Saw_Linux Ubuntu10.04 (63 Kb)
Windows 7     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (64-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 8.1     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (64-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 7     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (32-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 8.1     KeeTouch_Saw_Win7 (32-bit) (18034 Kb)
Windows 7     Windows UPDD x86_x64 (22987 Kb)
Windows 8.1     Windows UPDD x86_x64 (22987 Kb)

Users' Reviews:

12-03-2012 08:26
Rating: 1
I pay for 2 touchscreen and I do not receive the products. This site is a fake. Do not buy from him !!!
14-03-2012 04:10
Hello Dragos. Your order sent in to manufacture just yesterday, sorry. It was lost. Number of your shipping list you will receive soon. Wait please.
25-07-2012 02:30
Rating: 5
Is this panel multi-touch? How many points can it do?
25-07-2012 03:59
No, it isnít. But the panel http:///catalogue/acoustic_wave_multitouch_panel/364 is multi-touch. It can do 2 points.
23-04-2013 20:49
Rating: 5
I'm interested in 21" and 22" saw touchscreens. What interface do they have?
25-04-2013 18:24
Usually it's USB, but for your request we can make RS232.
05-10-2013 16:58
Rating: 5
Where can I found linux driver for this panel for debian 7.1? Native drivers from this page do not want to work (error while loading
14-10-2013 03:08
Please use built-in xorg evdev. This driver can work better than that old one. To calibrate the device use xinput-calibrator package (Add non-free and contrib to your sources.list).
23-05-2014 11:20
Rating: 5
how can i install the driver for linux 11? do you have a video tutorial on this. Thank you.
29-05-2014 03:11
For newest X11 versions you do not need to install the driver. Please use xinput-calibrator package to calibrate. The device will work after you plug it in.
28-01-2015 07:06
Rating: 5
Where I can download android driver for this panel?
02-02-2015 11:58
Unfortunately Keetouch does not support driver for android, but there is open-source one to make It work. Contact us via email and we will send you a driver and instructions.
13-05-2016 11:17
Rating: 1
At last, somnoee who knows where to find the beef

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