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Ultra Bright sunlight readable monitor

 Digital screens are becoming the people's day, has been realized, especially in the areas of advertising and industrial displays

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  Touch screens today are frequently used in our daily life, for example in ATMs, ticket terminals, infokiosks and customer self-service stations

SAW Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

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Ultra Bright sunlight readable monitor

Ultra Bright sunlight readable monitor TGUB12OF
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Ultra Bright sunlight readable monitor TGUB12OF

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Ultra Bright sunlight readable monitor TGUB12OF
12.1" Color Active TFT Flat Panel Display

The chief requirement for sunlight readability is a well resolved image with high contrast ratio that doesnt get washed out in high ambient lighting and direct sunlight.
Sunlight Readable Monitors employ more (or more powerful) backlights to increase the monitor's brightness to 1,000 nits or more. This added brightness is enough to "over-power" the ambient light and produce viewable images. These are ideal when the sun's rays will fall directly onto the face of the monitor's screen.

Sunlight Readable Monitors are ideal for use in a wide range of industries and applications:
Outdoor restaurant menu boards
Electronic queue, electronic queuing system
Advertising monitor
Indoor TV
Infokiosk, information kiosk
Industrial Process Automation
In police cars
Navigation equipment
Industrial manufacturing facilities
On municipal and government trucks and specialty vehicles, etc.

Environment Specifications
Operating Temperature 0~50 C (32~122 F)
Storage Temperature -20~60 C (-4~140 F)
Relative Humidity 10~90% @40 C Non-condensing, without touch screen
Vibration 1G peak, 5~500 Hz (Random)
Shock 15G peak acceleration (11 msec. duration)

Mechanical Specifications
Construction Steel chassis
Dimensions 315(W) x 247(H)x 39(D)mm

Display Specifications
Display 12.1" Color Active TFT Flat Panel Display
Luminance 1000 cd/m
Contrast Ratio 500/1
Pixel Pitch 0.231 mm
Viewing Angle 160/160 (H/V)
Resolutions 800 x 600 ( native mode), 16M colors
LCD MTBF 40,000 hrs
Touch Screen Analog resistive (optional) or SAW (optional)
Power Consumption 25w Max
OSD Control On the back side
I/O Connectors 1xDC power input, 1xVGA, optional: DVI, S-Video, RCA
Power Input DC 12V
Weight 0.9kg
IP Grade (Back) IP30
IP Grade (Front) IP40

Advantages of KeeTouch`s Sunlight Readable displays:
Sunlight Readable
LED Backlight
High Shock & Vibration Resistance
Low Power Consumption
High Uniformity
Wide Dimming
Life Expectancy

With todays emphasis on green technologies and energy management, low power consumption is more important than ever.
Conventional CCFL backlight displays and consumer displays suffer from shock and vibration problems that cause intermittent operation or complete failure. LED backlight and advanced mounting techniques give our displays considerably more shock and vibration resistance.

Available Sizes:
12 800*600, 1000 cdm2
15 1024*768, 1000 cdm2
17 1280*1024, 1000 cdm2
19 1280*1024, 1000 cdm2
Other sizes available upon request

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