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19.02.2011 00:59

Touch Pad

What is a Touchpad?

Touch Pad (touch pad) - in fact, the manipulator for a computer to function similar to an ordinary computer mouse. If you ever used a portable computer (laptop), then you know that instead of a mouse touchpad where it is used.

This is a practical and convenient solution for those cases where the use of the mouse impossible or undesirable.

Where to use the touchpad?

We produce and sell the touchpad, is larger than the ones that are installed in the laptops.They are primarily intended for use in information, payment and other kiosks or terminals, as well as in industrial computing systems and control systems.

You can also use the touch pad instead of the usual machine anywhere and with any configuration of your computer - touch pad is connected to it via a standard PS / 2 port.

Tips for using

Vandal-proof and waterproof, the touchpad does not require any special care and conditions of use. We only recommend you from time to time (about one every six months) to check the quality of the motion detection area on the touch pad.

If the motion is too harsh, or abrupt, we recommend that you clean the pad and replace it with a new one. There were no cases where the touchpad broke or lose their quality during the first 3-4 years of work.

As touchpads are protected from external negative factors?

All touchpads have an index of protection IP65, which means full protection against dust penetration inside solid objects, as well as protection against water until the water produced under pressure.

Do I need a special driver for TouchPad (touchpad driver)?

No! No additional drivers to be installed. Our pad is defined as usual "mouse" - and immediately after the connection you can use it! Also, if you use a USB TouchPad, you will be able to "hot mode" that is, without shutting down the computer, touchpad disable, or connect.

Is it possible to use the touchpad in linux and other * nix-systems?

Yes, you can use the touchpad on any platform. At the same time, still, you will not need to install additional software.

Will it set the touchpad to the trading platform?

No problem! Our touchpads are made in the first place is to be installed in commercial and information terminals, access points to the Internet and similar stands. But there are also external touchpads - those that are convenient to use without bolting to the rigid base. Just put a pad on any surface - and enjoy the freedom that it gives you.

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