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09.11.2012 16:29

What is the touch screen (touchscreen)?

What is the touch screen (touchscreen)? 
Normal touch screen (touch screen) consists of three components: sensor, controller and driver support. 
Sensor is a transparent glass panel, which reacts to the touch over the monitor. The board connecting a touch screen with PC is called a controller. The function of the controller is to process the information received from the touch screen and to make it understandable to the PC. And the driver is the software for the PC allowing it to work with the touchscreen. Due to the driver support for PC operating system understands how to respond to information about touch received from the controller. 
Let's observe some advantages of using the touch screens (touchscreen). 
Quick access. As you know, time is money. Just use of the touch screen (touchscreen) gives you quick access to information of various kinds. It provides quick and efficient work with computers in the service sector. It is a key factor in quality work with clients. Installing and using touch screens (touch screen) allows qualitatively improve service in movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, airports and other establishments.
Clearly, even a child. Visibility and ease of use of touch monitor turns any novice to the experienced user with the first touch. Very many people find it difficult to work with the keyboard, and when the person needs just to "poke" a finger in the screen it gives confidence and has to work with the system. 
Reduce costs. Using the touch screen (touchscreen) increases the speed and accuracy of the active employees working at the computer, and also reduces the time required for his training, which significantly increases the efficiency of the staff. 
Maximum capacity with minimum space occupied. We all want efficient use of our workspace, since it is usually limited and every inch of it is at value including the material. The touch screen display allows you to save maximum of working space because all operations are carried out directly through the screen. 
The touchscreen is one of the easiest computer devices in use which significantly expands its application in various fields. Here are some examples of the usage of sensor technologies today.
Self-service systems. Admit that you would better spend your time on more enjoyable activity than waiting in line. So self-service terminals with touch screens (touchscreen) will help you. They are used to accelerate and improve service in big stores, restaurants, fast food, transport nodes. 
Retail and restaurant systems. Touch monitor can be used for reservation of seats and tables, cash register systems and station orders. Touch screens are easy to use, staff will do their job faster, and the time to train new staff will be saved. The fact that all the action happens on the screen avoids hassles and saves space. 
Management systems. Sensor technology can be used in different systems, as well as through the introduction of input devices to monitor, you can save considerable work place, and the use of graphical interface allows the user to view and manage complex operations simply by touching the display. 
Computer training. Using the touch panel makes the learning process funnier, easier and more interesting, and easy touchscreen interface allows you to reduce the total time of training for beginners, and hence expenditure on training. Agree, the simpler interface is, the less complexity arises from the user, especially if it is a hand. The touch LCD display will make your information more accessible enabling customers to navigate it easily with a simple touch.

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